Friday, December 26, 2008


Oh EM G!! Only a few hours till the total PWNAGE!!! But seriously I kinda hope that God doesn't hold back on what he wants to speak to me about. I want a total overflow. Almost kinda scared though that He will show me something that I will not like at all!

Anyways, I had a great night! Like it was unsettling almost how fun it was... Making snowmen on Dredscott baseball fields, snow ball fights, and watching some snowboarders break their faces!.. Good times, lookin forward to more of those. And I love Ryan Roetman! He gets a shout out!

Im not sure what i want to write about actually, What should I write about? Ahhhhh yes Christmas I can write about that! So how was it? Well, actually every Christmas always gets so stressing and so just AHHH!!! And each Christmas I always feel exhausted and just like my spirit is GONE! The family gets crazier than normal, and the relatives get mixed in and it gets crazy! The way it is at our home is that all the festivities happen on Christmas Eve, and than everyone leaves Christmas day, its how we role. So all the stress is done Christmas day and we pretty much do nothing, which is Fantastic! But every year our family gets tested with patience and how loving we are. And we usually all have to talk about it Christmas day which is always awkward but ends on a good note. We all just kinda become friends again and all the stress is gone!
Sometimes we even think about not having christmas cause its so stressing, But I came to a realization....
I think I love Christmas because of all of this. 1. Its a growing experience and we always learn somethin.
2. It makes me lean on the Word so I am not so pissed all the time.
3. It makes hangin out with friends even more necessary..HA!....
4. Me and my mom always get in huge TIFFS but they get solved and we learn to love eachother again! .. LOVE YOU MOMMY
5. My dad and I always seem to be extra tight!

But you know why I Like Christmas the most?
6. MY BOBO!! Nate! Nate and I always become big buddies. Its fun cause we team up with eachother cause we are usually both very annoyed with our situations. We share a room too during Christmas, which didnt seem that cool until I had to sleep in my own bed. And Nate this is to you personally... Even though the mall sucked, Lets make that our tradition.. K? That would be awesome.
But yeah all those things make my Christmas awesome.. And the funny thing is I only realize that after its all done.. Not during.. HA! whatev

Pic of the day? Lets see what I got.. I really need to take some Artsy pics of nature and crap.. I haven't done that in a while
Ahhhhhh here we go.. FUN ONE!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I will get better...

I know I have recently sucked at this whole "Updating my blog" thing... And for that I am sorry!
One more thing before I begin, I am currently watching Across the Universe right now, So this post will take me a long time and will probably be very ADD.... So yeah..

Anyways, So I guess I am 20... How weird is that?! This is the one birthday that I have actually felt significantly older! Many people I have talked to have said that 20 is such a pointless birthday... I DISAGREE STRONGLY! I have talked to many people about this already but 20 is like a whole new step! I am an actual adult now... none of this 19 crap.. I am 20! People will now take me seriously.
Then- " Oh how old are you Chris? 19 huh? Get outa here you CHILD!"
Now- " Oh how old are you Chris? Oh 20 huh? You know what? Here Have a beer! I know your not 21 yet, but close enough! Now lets go talk about the economy and you buying a house!"

.... okay Maybe that is a little exaggerated but still!!!
Ben Tipler even said himself.." Now I can take you seriously!"
Yes he was joking, but I feel like that is the mentality of most people.

What else is new in my life? Well nothing much really except that the Grandparents are in town.... So that's cool! OH and Faithwalkers is just a few days away!!!!! OMG FAITHWALKERS!
As you can tell i am really excited for faithwalkers this year. I really am excited to see the Rock people, cause oddly enough I miss those kids!
But yeah Faithwalkers is going to be...OH yes.. FRICKEN KICKEN! Faithwalkers is a huge church retreat that my church has. You get too see a lot of people from all our locations and you learn a lot, The worship is amazing, and its just all around a great time! Cant wait...
now hopefully i dont have too high expectaions.. haha WHO cares..
I know this is a shorted one than usual but I will update sooner than last time...
Pic of the day?.. let me see what I got!
Franko..I was experimating with custom borders.. this is the result

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally! Wasnt plannin on that...

Wow I am really sorry for going longer and longer without having a post! I have been busy with school stuff, church stuff, work stuff and D all of the above! But hey I am sorry and I will try to do better!....

Well I do not really have anything too cool to write about.. Today was very uneventful.. Like very uneventful. I had class, than came home chilled for a bit, read a little, than Worked on a paper, had dinner with the Family, went to lifetime than watched Reign Over Me.. Good movie I recommend it!.. Not amazing but still good! YOU KNOW WHAT MOVIE I DONT RECOMMEND!?!?
I AM SAM!!! Good gosh that is the saddest movie i have ever seen!! Dont get me wrong it is a fricken good movie, but its so hard to watch! OMG Like i wish i could really convey to you how sad and depressed this movie made me! Let me restate though... it was still a great movie and the more I think about it the less sad it makes me... BUT STILL!

Anyways time for the personal part of the Blog...
Well, right now im listening the CD Saviour King by Hillsong and trying to get my head straight.. But anyways I think I am going through more than I thought I was... I just feel like a lot of stuff is piling on right now and I am not sure why. I think one of the biggest things right now that is bothering me right now is my Brother Caleb... I know he will prolly read this but I dont really care right now. I love Caleb, A lot. He is my brother and I havent seen him in... Well i dont know, I havent talked to him face to face for like 3 or 4 months... or longer I dont know really. I use to look up to Caleb with so many things. He was always confident and he was always good at everything. He is my older brother I mean what younger brother doesnt look up to his Oldest brother? I mean come on??
I use to look up to him because he was so strong in his faith... I remember seeing him with Eric Rose at our Church Winter Retreats worshiping God with great enthusiasm! Even Today I think about his example when I am worshiping God. He was such a Good leader.. So many people looked up to Caleb and respected him. The past month I have talked to 3 people that Caleb influenced too have a stronger relationship with God. One of those people Caleb was involved in bringing that person to Christ. He led small groups and really tried to help strengthen so many peoples Faith. I looked up him with finding a great wife! A great Wife! (Love you Jess!) I was thinkin about maybe trying to modeling my life after his...(not everything but certain things) He is my older brother and I use to look up to him......Not anymore
How can you say that was all fake? What happened?! So it was all a lie?! Your life was a lie and you had to Leave your wife and God Lying? I use to Listen to your advice, I use to admire you.. No more, thats all out the Window. Caleb was one of my biggest inspirations... I actually remember writing that in class in 8th grade. I remember the Warm feelings I had toward you.. Yeah I dont really know where those went.
He probably thinks that I am most mad about him Leaving Jess... You guys have both moved on. Yes, you are a coward for leaving her like that, You ARE NOT a Knight in Shiny Armor. . Its the fact that you dont care about your Lord and Saviour anymore. I have never felt so much love or comfort from anyone else than Him. Yeah I know what he is saying to himself right now.. "your God is not my God" Or like something about how are family is not "forgiving" him. He knows why we are doing this..HE KNOWS.. He just refuses to accept it.
He used to be the influence, He use to be the role-model, He use to be my older brother... Now he feels like a distant friend.
I dont know if its the competive spirit in me or what.. and this might sound proud or bad.. but... I want to be better than He was, and Is.. I dont want my life and Faith to be fake or Weak! I want to be stronger than he was. I dont want to fall into the things he did. I want to be honest. I want to be trustworthy. I want to be a better man than He is. In the end I want him too Look up to me. I want my Life and my Faith to be an Influence too him! I want to be his role model.
You think you know better than me and that Life will eventually catch up to me and I will see how it really is. You think this is just a stage. You think my passion and my convictions will fade... I pray to God that they wont!

I want to thank you Caleb for making me stronger. I want to thank you more showing me what I should never be. I want to thank you for giving me your example.

I did not plan to write this much about this... but it just Flowed out.. I was going to have a picture of the day... but thats not happenin..

I love you bro!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am He is, You are He is, You are Me, And We are all Together!!

The Title Goes along with the song I am listening to.. I Am The Walrus! Of course its not the Beatles original, its the Across the Universe one... which reminds me, I really need to see that movie again

Don't you just love the relaxed feeling after a great workout?!....No? Well I do... I thought you would have answered yes, Whatever man, agree to disagree. As some of you know, a month ago I purchased a membership at Lifetime, and that has been such a great decision in my life. I have developed a routine with my workout. It goes like this: Workout= Pull or Push or Leg or anything else I feel like that day. Than I do some type of Ab workout every time once I am done with the normal workout. Than I go to Swimming, cause I fricken Hate Treadmills. Than the Steam room and end with a shower!...
Seriously, when I leave that place I feel so GREAT!!
But you know what? Today... The steam room was OUT OF ORDER.. Gays, I had to substitute it with the hot tub... NOT as good, but it was still a great day for working out though.

Well onto the good stuff! How have you guys been Doing?! ....... Oh I am sorry to hear that.... Oh me? Well I have been Doing actually Really, Really, Good! This past Thanksgiving Week has been one of the better weeks of my school year so far... maybe even better than part of my summer even. It wasn't particularly more fun than other weeks, but It was such a relaxing week and I haven't been in a better place with my relationship with God than this week! It has been..... OH YES... FRICKEN KICKEN. Thanksgiving is a time to think about what your thankful for, and I came up with 2 things that I have been very thankful over this past year. They are my church Evergreen Community Church (, and all the churches that are a part of GCM( Great Commission Ministries.. and the second thing is The Word, or the Bible haha.
But Seriously I love my Church. It feels more like family to me, than just a church. I think that each church should feel like family than just something you go too. I also Love our Mission! Back in the earlier days of our Church, we could have been one of those Huge Churches like Grace Church or..... right now thats the only one I can think of haha.. But We could have been one of those Mega Churches, but we decided to take a different path. My Church is committed to spreading the Gospel and the Good News and I love that! Instead of becoming a Mega Church, the pastors decided to spread out all around the Twin Cities and Now we have 5 locations in these places Bloomington, Lakeville, New Hope, Saint Paul, and in Uptown.
I am Not saying I have anything against against Mega churches... But I'm just not sure how personal those churches are and not sure that those churches really capture the sense of being a family of believers... but enough about my church.. if you want to know more go to the websites, or ask me..

The other thing that I have been thankful for more this year than ever is the Word of God. Family and Friends can be there to support you and comfort you only to a point.. But the Comfort and Joy that I have been getting from the Word has been just amazing.. seriously There is no word that can describe it... as corny as that sounds Its true. ( and Of course While I am typing this, Amazed by Desperation Band randomly come on.. Love this song)

Last night was particularly amazing... It was one of those Epic moments that God opens up your heart and really speaks to you and you have one of those CRAZY revelations. It was great! I wish I could tell you the full story and everything that went down, But its kind of personal and It would be a lot to type! If you are interested Please ask me about it!
As I said before I am currently reading Isaiah and it has been great..
But for some reason last night around like 130am I was drawn to read Isaiah 30.. and here is what stood out to me
Isaiah 30: 18-21
18 So the Lord must wait for you to come to him
so he can show you his love and compassion.
For the Lord is a faithful God.
Blessed are those who wait for his help. 19 O people of Zion, who live in Jerusalem,
you will weep no more.
He will be gracious if you ask for help.
He will surely respond to the sound of your cries.
20 Though the Lord gave you adversity for food
and suffering for drink,
he will still be with you to teach you.
You will see your teacher with your own eyes.
21 Your own ears will hear him.
Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left.

AHHHH its just so Good... The Word help has stood out to me in a new way... that part of what happened if your interested, ask me about it sometime..

Any way Pic of the day! BOBO!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ooooo Thanksgiving...

Oooooo Man I feel so good right now! I just got done working out at lifetime with Casey Flynn... I do not think he reads my blog so he doesn't get an official shout out! (But I still love that kid) Lifetime is amazing! My favorite thing there is the Steam room no doubt I love it!

Okay so anyways, I told myself I wasn't going to update this, but I felt strangely motivated too... So here it goes.

Yesterday I was feeling strangely discontent with my current circumstances. ( this whole being single thing...yeah i know.) But today it is the opposite. I am really feeling good about where I am now. I want God to be the one I lean on, And not try to replace him with anything. I had a good QT( quiet time, Devotional, whatever you want to call it) And I have been going through Isaiah, which is funny.. I will tell you why.. At times Isaiah can be pretty boring and none applicable, but at other time it completely PWNS YOU and is .....wait.. oh yes.. FRICKEN KICKEN! And here is an example of what I mean by Fricken Kicken

Isaiah 5: 18-22

18 Destruction is certain for those who drag their sins behind them
with ropes made of lies,
who drag wickedness behind them like a cart!
19 They even mock God and say,
“Hurry up and do something!
We want to see what you can do.
Let the Holy One of Israel carry out his plan,
for we want to know what it is.”

20 Destruction is certain for those who say
that evil is good and good is evil,
that dark is light and light is dark,
that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.
21 Destruction is certain for those who are wise in their own eyes
and think themselves so clever.
22 Destruction is certain for those who are heroes at drinking wine
and boast about all the alcohol they can hold.

That last one sound familiar?
I have also been reading a book.... What? Oh yeah Im reading a book ... WHATS UP NOW?!
The book is called The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller. I am taking my small group through this, and I think it will be really good! I just read the first chapter but Hey so far its good haha... But seriously I do suggest it cause it goes over many of the arguments against God you hear today. Consider getting it..

Anyway that's all i got for today... And Again... I am really sorry.. no picture of the day.. SOON
Now im going to plat Left 4 Dead... one of the most fun games I have ever played!
Catch you later

Monday, November 24, 2008

STAYIN ALIVE...And the Trip

Sorry It has been a while! A whole week.. wow.. Dont worry I am still trying to keep this alive! No Worries....

Right now I kinda am having a tiny anxiety attack, To tell you the truth I know exactly why... but I will just give you the vague overall description. You ever feel like you could have done something different in a situation or a relationship? or handled something in a different way? K everyone has, but right now I am at the point in wear for some reason I feel like I should try again and do things differently!... some of my closest friends who read this know exactly what I am referring to, and are like" NOOO CHRIS! Why!?" But to tell you the truth I do not really know... I feel Like I should but in a way I feel like I should just move on and be done with it.... Ughhhh I wish I could just give it up to God and let him take up everything so i dont have to worry about it, but than I wonder if God does want me to try again... I know this is confusing, I will just move on.. but that is on my heart and tonight for some reason more than others..

This weekend was a pretty dang sweet weekend! I hung with Rodes a lot and that was very cool! really appreciated that. One cool thing about this weekend though is that I came up with a really cool Idea that I would really like to implement for next year... well Next January/February...
.... Are you ready? A road trip with my brother to California! You know this sounds pretty cool but I think its more than just pretty cool! I want to view this trip as a Crazy Photo Journey. I am going to take like 4 to 5 Memory Cards for my camera and just document the trip and just reallly explore with my camera. I want to stop at random places, and meet random people and hear thier Stories and than get thier portraits recorded on my Camera. Wherever I feel led to stop I will stop! With this road trip I plan to stay at my Aunts house in San Diego for about a week, which would be sweet.... of course I havent asked her yet haha but still... that would be SWEET. While we are there my bro and I are going to explore San Diego and get tons of pics while meeting tons of people! AND what I want my brother to do is to Journal the entire trip, and write a short story about our trip!.... HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!?! I get more and more excited about it... But seriously It would be so fun.

Yeah I know this is a long one.. and I do not have a picture of the day... so sorry but I will give this great Passage in the Word I came along the other day....
Isaiah 1: 18-20
18. "Come now, let us argue this out," says the Lord. " No matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can remove it. I can make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as Ctimson, I can make you as white as wool.
19. If you only obey me and let me help you, then you will have plenty to eat
20. But if you keep turning away and refusing to listen, you will be destroyed by your enemies.
I, The Lord, have spoken!

Mmmmmmmmm Great verses.. more to come later... Anyways thats it.. catch you later

Monday, November 17, 2008

BRB,OMG, ROFL,4, Pwned, G2G, TTYL!

I am actually giggling to myself right now for coming up with such a clever Title for my blog post! I will tell you why its clever..

This Blog title thoroughly describes the entire weekend that I had! As you I know I went to SD( South Dakota) with a bunch of buds to visit our bud Matthew Johnson and it was just as I imagined it would be...FRICKEN KICKEN! But this is how the Title corresponds with it.. BRB= Be right back I am going to SD. OMG= Crazy fun, long, somewhat frustrating Hike! We got lost for a bit and it could have been pretty dang bad because it was almost pitch black outside. But it ended great ROFL= We went to a buffet after the hike which was so necessary, And it was one of the Funniest/most fun Dinner times I have had in a very very long time, 4= Equals "The Four" being reunited after many many months and we had a great time catchin up, Love those guys. PWNED= Playing Halo 2 with all the guys in Matt's Dorm, My team got Pwned by Drewski, but we also pwned in snipers..(yeah that's right natural born nerdsack right here!! New Acronym NBN! write that down) G2G= We had to leave Sunday morning with the crew at 8am which was sad because it ended so early. The gayest part of leaving was that we wanted McDonald's breakfast a little after we left, but there was not a McDonald's for the next 200 miles! It sucked we didn't get there in time for breakfast...TTYL = We were all sad that the weekend was over cause it was a blast, but in 2 weeks we will all be back together again for thanksgiving!

So that is a good fricken overview of the weekend... and I will be posting an album on facebook here soon... but here is a preview!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


(If you dont want to read all this I suggest you going down to the FUNNY part and just read that)

Well It has been a very long week let me tell you! Not necessarily bad... but just long if that makes sense? The whole week has seemed to go very slow, even though I have been very busy with things. I have also been working a lot which is nice. Gettin a lot of orders out the door and gettin pics done.. its been a pretty productive week... But it also has been a very big procrastinating week for me.... so in a way it was balanced HA...

This weekend is gonna be......Yup thats right.. FRICKEN KICKEN! Karl, Ryan, Steph, Jill and I are going spend the weekend in SD! We are visiting Matthew Johnson(who is a faithful reader) and its gonna hopefully be a blast! So YEAH... We dont have everything figured out quite yet which could be a problem but meh it will still be good! Im really tired right now and should be doing other things with my time...but im not... And should be finishing this kids photos... but im not...I did finish an extra credit project tho, so thats good.

FUNNY: kind of
Oh yeah I kind of have a funny story... It was one of those things that happened and was Like "I should write about that in my blog" but than I felt stupid for even thinking like that haha.. But yeah here goes the story: So I had class today which is a class that I am retaking cause I did awful in it the first semester, so I dont really care about it. But anyway, I had to pee really bad in class but I wanted to see what the Teach was going to say about my pictures so I held it in... So like 5 Min's later I really had to go so I got up and headed to the bathroom. I was particularly excited for my pissing experience cause i had to do so bad. As I was going there I was following a rather larger man, and I thought to myself this guys is pretty large( mainly FAT...I don't want to offend anyone) So I followed this "large" man to the bathroom and as we were heading to the Urinals, I thought to myself I hope I don't have to stand next to this guy while I piss.... So in the bathroom there are 3 urinals. Guess what this guys does?!?! YUP That's right.. He takes up the Middle Urinal!! WHO DOES THAT?! Every girl that reads this will be like "So what?" But every guy understands what im saying.. So I seriously stopped in my place and almost said this......"Really?" I was going to take the stall instead, but than I was like no I'm not going to let this "Large" man ruin my pissing experience.. So I stood next to him almost grazing elbows and trying not to play footsie with his wide stance... So we stood there and it was like he was having a Full Cardio workout at the Urinal! He was breathing all loud and was making funny little grunts. When I finished up with My pissing I washed my hands and walked out. You know what I noticed next? I was angry! When I noticed I was angry because of that whole situation I started to ROFL in the hall... and that's it

Pic of the day? Let me see what I got! OOOOooo okay this is Jaime.. but I just realized how much I like this one because its just so HAPPY... tell me what you think

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wow.. I wish I was better...

to finish that sentence... I wish I was better at not procrastinating!! OMG watch this!!

Yeah I have had trouble doing homework because of that and other ones of that nature.... but seriously I felt like I need to update this too... which is not helping me at all!
I have some good news... and some bad news!
The Good news is that My mommy's knee surgery went well and she is healing up just great! She comes home from the hospital Monday so that is GOOD!
The bad news is that I feel a cold coming on... which cannot happen! I will have to go to lifetime tomorrow and spend sometime in the steam room I guess....I just hope there are no old naked men in there without their towels on... thats always disturbing!! I had a good rant about that today at small group... today was a good small group! really liked it!

Anyway I just have a good verse that i read today! Its a Psalm and it really hit at home.. and made me think of "Christians" in general.

Psalm 107: verse 2
"Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has saved you from his enemies!"

As you know the Psalms were written before Jesus Christ died on the Cross, but I think that verse is even more powerful if we apply it to our lives today! Jesus Christ has saved us from way more than just our enemies! He has saved us from eternal death! All we have to do is accept that gift! Have you? Read Romans 10:9-11

Hebrews 9: 14
Just think how much more the blood of Christ will purify our hearts from deeds that lead to death that we can worship the living God. For by the power of the eternal spirit, Christ offered himself to God as a perfect sacrifice for our sins.

That's it for today folks... here is the pic of the day... simple but nice! tell me what you think

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ding Dong the Witch is dead!!

The title of this Blog is totally Random, it has no relevance whatsoever! When I thought what I should put for the title that just popped into my head!! So anyways......

Today... what an interesting day... Yeah let me tell you this whole week has been interesting lack of a better word.( my dictionary skills suck) Nothing really big has happened but things have not been going according to "plan" or Like I just havent felt myself this week... I dont know really know why or If its a bad thing or not but it sure had been fun to see what happens. It has been a normal week but I have found myself doing some random things, which is usually normal for me but It has thrown me off my routine so It was wierd... Sorry to be so vague I just dont feel like going into detail! Tonight was a good time I had a photoshoot and than hung out with Rodey. But you know whats gay?! We didnt really know what to do, so than the Idea came up that we go to Lifetime and workout and swim or something. So we drove all the way over there and it turns out you can have guests come in with you after 9! It was like 9 30! The lady wouldnt let us in... it was very frustrating... So we went back to my house and nerded it up.... it was still pretty fun but... how dissapointing.

I dont really feel like makin this a long one but I do want to show you a fun picture that was taken today! Haha It really makes me ROFL! I eventually did get 4 people today to photograph, but I needed 5 so I found a guy walking through the hall... His name was Rob(far left)... and here it is HA!

Monday, November 3, 2008

God's Got a plan..

Today is going to be a short one but let me just say this: I am scared for tomorrow, But I want to trust God that he has a plan through it all!

This verse has really encouraged me the past couple of days I love it! (nothing really to do with Politics)

Hebrews 4: 14-16
14. That is why we have a great High Priest who has gone to heaven, Jesus the Son of God. Let us cling to him and never stop trusting him. 15. This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same temptations we do, yet he did not sin. 16. So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it.

OH man love that Passage so much... OH WAIT one more

Hebrews 2: 14,15
14.Because God’s children are human beings—made of flesh and blood—the Son also became flesh and blood. For only as a human being could he die, and only by dying could he break the power of the devil, who had the power of death. 15 Only in this way could he set free all who have lived their lives as slaves to the fear of dying.

What is left to fear if our fear of death is truly gone?
So many "Christians" are afraid to share their faith because of rejection, and other things, but why should we fear?! Why is our trust and our faith in Jesus Christ so embarrassing?! If you are going to say you are a Christ Follower it better be shown through your words and actions! Where is your fruit?! Is there any?! Are you serving people? Are you helping out others in need? Are you reaching out to others? Are you sharing the Good News?! What has resulted from you being a Christ Follower..

Okay Im done....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Okay I Believe you, But my Tommy Gun Don't...

WOW It has been a while HUH?! I truly am Sorry, But man I have been busy with a lot of Shenanigans! I mean it was Halloween weekend so yeah I had places to go people to see... SORRYYY!!!

Anyway, the title of this post is the song that I am currently listening to by Brand New... Yeah its on the line of emo, But I don't care I like this band very much! Enough of that! This weekend was...wait for it... FRICKEN KICKEN!! Yeah that's right..(if you haven't started using that phrase yet, I suggest you start) This weekend was pretty great tho.

Friday was the Harvest Carnival at church. If you do not know what it is, its a big party thing my church throws every Halloween, its just for kids, but its great fun helpin out. I myself went as a Jabbawockee! And I was rather proud of how my costume looked, but It was gay cause everyone thought I was a Mime.... So I just went with it.
After that I went to Sister's party and it was pretty good but it wasn't my scene... But I did end up Doing what every person should do on Halloween... You know what it is?! Think about it......NO NOT THAT!! you have a sick mind.... I was talking about dressin as a Burrito and going to CHIPOTLE!! I went with Z (andy Zweber?) and We got all tin Foiled up and got a free Burrito! But it actually was a big disappointment... you know why?! Cause We accidently Switched burritos and I didnt find that out untill I left.. so I had a terrible burrito... It had every salsa on it, and had Pinto Beans, And that is exactly the opposite of my burrito pretty much.. it was not enjoyable at all, it was almost a chore!

Saturday was a very interesting day Let me tell you.. IT was a great day, but some interesting things happened. Prayers were answered and God really showed me what to do and say with my Saturday.. it was a great day. Saturday night I decided to go crosswalking again, and I invited my good friend Ryan Roetman, And it was a great time!! Not as many people out as we thought there was going to be, but it was still a great time. Encouraging and really motivating to read up on your stuff. Great day..

Sunday was usual, but still really good. The HIGHLIGHT was Lunch with sister definitely, we talked about some good stuff ..LOVE HER... OH WAIT another Highlight was talking to MATT Johnson on the phone after small group. We have not talked for a while and it was really good Love that sexy man too!

I think thats it folks! Pic of the day?... what do I have for you?... hummmmm okay Got it
Its pretty coool tell me what you think! YEAH JAKE

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shake it like an earthquake...

This entire week I have continued to listen nonstop to the 2 CD's of Family Force 5... And I must say I love listening to them and thinking about how fun the concert was! GOOD OL TIME!

Anyway, I am sorry for getting kind of getting lazy with updating this thing. Don't get me wrong I love doing this but I have so many things that distract me from this thing. Like LIFE... That can be a big distraction, Dang Life. But Hey let me give you a funny little update about me that I have realized. Recently I have become addicted to 100.3... YEAH I KNOW RIGHT?! Rush Limbaugh is a pimp and he also is very intense which is Fricken Kicken( Oh and by the way Fricken Kicken is the new way to say "Totally Awesome".. Spread the news) But yeah who would have thought that Chris would like to listen about politics and all that JAZZ.. NOT ME! Another little update is that I feel disappointed with Fable 2... but I am Still not sure yet... I will get back to you.

As you know, It is Wednesday, and Wednesdays mean usually a photoshoot and than Church! Tonight we Have small groups, and I am looking forward to talk to my guys and I actually kind of have an agenda to go through tonight! I enjoy being a leader and I love my guys! Wait one more time.. They are Fricken KICKEN! (seriously try it... it will stick) One more thing I look forward tonight is Playing some ping ping... Last week was embarrassment and I wont let that happen again...
Pic of the day?! Which one should I choose?
OH okay I got it. Drew Russell is a good lookin fellow and I did a sweet effect on this photo tell me what you think!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Its Been too long My friends!..

What a weekend!! Let me tell you it was a really good one, I do not really know how to start out on this one... But here I go I will take it stab at it

Friday night..... FRICKEN AWESOME. Dan Dyb's and I went to the Family Force 5 concert And it was NUTS!! There were a few things about the concert that bothered me tho... 1: The concert started at 5:30... what?! Why would someone have a concert at 530?! It was still light outside, it was kinda Homo. Number 2: It was a large emo crowd and I was a little out of place. I also felt stupid cause I was wearing a Hollister shirt with a big HCO across the front of my shirt. Number 3: It was an all ages show, so of course there were a whole bunch of 12 year olds moving through the crowd and I am pretty sure I saw some homeschoolers also... But seriously there were a lot of younger kids there and it made me feel stupid. Number 4: Well this didnt really bother me, it was actually pretty nice, Dan and I were the tallest people in there kinda cool!
But anyways the Show was crazy and really fun. Everyone was jumping and going nuts. I was trying to do some Pop and Lock stuff but there was really no room to dance which was sad... oh well!

Saturday: What did I do?.... Oh yeah I had a photoshoot with Tously and he brought his sweet car.. I think it might be a 1970 Cuda... it was sick. But Saturday night was the highlight...sorry Tously.. But it was. I went with a whole bunch of Churchies to Valley Scare and I decided to invite Carla Sheehan, And she was brave enough to Join in which i thought was sweet! (not sure if she had fun though haha.. I hope she reads this) I feel Kinda old cause none of the stuff phased me at all, it was pretty cool still . OH yeah and the Extreme Swing there is one of the best rides I have been on. There was a lot of people there which was the downside but whatev it was still a good time... OH YEAH Sarah Whitson gets a shout out cause she has informed me she is a faithful reader! thanks Sarah
I really feel like there could have been more details included on this post.. but I am rather tired and Just want to give you guys the Pic of the DAY!
Not sure which one i want to go with.. but I think this one..
Its a nice silhouette .. tell me what you think? I will tell you one thing.. I should have done something more with the posing

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sorry its been a while.. my loyal fans... Like Lisa Tipler!! SHOUT OUT for LISA!!

I know the title of this Blog entry is pretty dang intimidating, but I felt like it was necessary cause I am listening to that song right now. The song is by Family Force 5, and I am going to their Show this Friday with the one and only Dan, Danny, Dijohn, Dybing... whatever you want to call that hot piece of man meat. The song Dance of Die isn't really that good but i thought it was a fun Title, but the Concert is gonna be FRICKEN KICKEN!
Well its Wednesday and as you all know I love Wednesdays. They are great, No school, and Youth Group. I love being a Leader in the Youth Group fricken awesome guys in there, and My small group is gonna be pretty tight this year.
But anyways I don't have much to talk about, except FABLE 2... But I don't want to bore the Non-Nerds out there. I will give you the basics, Its a video game that I have been waiting for about a year now... And its crazy, One little disappointment tho.. The Character Models so far do not look to great.. But anyways!
This is a great Psalm I stumbled across today
Psalm 91

9 If you make the Lord your refuge,
if you make the Most High your shelter,
10 no evil will conquer you;
no plague will come near your home.
11 For he will order his angels
to protect you wherever you go.
12 They will hold you up with their hands
so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.
13 You will trample upon lions and cobras;
you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet!

14 The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love me.
I will protect those who trust in my name.
15 When they call on me, I will answer;
I will be with them in trouble.
I will rescue and honor them.

I thought that Psalm was Ridiculously awesome, Loved it...
Anyway Pic of the Day, its from the Shoot with Ben and Jess
I wasn't sure If i wanted to do more to this.. I think I like the Simplicity of it.. tell me what you think.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tis was a good day!

OH man what a good one!
I really don't want to tell you about the whole day cause the first half kinda sucked! Well Actually i was woken up by Casey at like 10ish cause apparently we were having accountability at there apartment at like 10, but it didn't really help that Casey didn't let me know until this morning when he called..JERK! But it was actually pretty funny we talked over speaker phone for like 5 minutes which was cool... but the rest of the day I just worked on photos and was realllllllly bored up until 2. At 2 i went over to the Sisters for a photo shoot for SLIGHTLY MUTUAL! If you didn't know Jess my sis, and Ben Tipler started a band with just them 2 called Slightly Mutual.. And let me tell you.. the photo shoot was GREAT! I really got to go all out with some creative stuff. It was a good ol time... Than after that Rodey came to my house and we went to La Luz to watch them play... And Dan Dybing opened for them, and he did really good!... well I didn't listen too much cause i was talking to people( sorry Dan!) but it was great background music haha.. And than Jess and Ben played, And I also talked to people through them too, But they sounded really good!
After that me and Rodey when back to my house and chilled, Which was really awesome cause we haven't hung out in a while so that was great! Rodey is HOT!...
but yeah that's all I got for tonight.. I want to share a pic from the photo shoot... I am havin trouble figuring out which one tho... Okay I got it.. This one will be the first.. more to come.. click on it to make it larger and you can zoom in and out by using ctrl + or - .. so yeah tell me what you think

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meh, it was a thursday

Nothing too interesting to write about today, but I do want to share a cool verse that I really like!

" Young man, it's wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But Remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do. So banish grief and pain, but remember that youth, with a whole life before it, still faces the threat of meaningless. Ecclesiastes 11: 9-10

What are you doing with your life?

That is a good verse OH SNAP!!!

I really did pretty much nothin today except get a lot of photowork done .. but I did make this picture today... Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay first before I say anything you must see this video!!

Haha I thought that video was absolutely hilarious.. Elmo was breakin it down with Chris Brown!
This whole day I have been a huge dancing mood. I have had a different beat going in my head like every 2 hours. ITS AWESOME! My Ritalin really made me hyper today i have no idea why.. but it made me just want to DANCE! That is actually what I plan to do after im done with some work tonight: Go down stairs and work out to Step Up 2 and learn some new dance moves... Yeah thats whats up!
Picture of the day is from the photo shoot I had today with Jayne. We used some new lights, they are some really crappy lights which we found out after setting them up, but they paid off so no big deal.. Props to Glen our model/assistant.
It was a fun photo shoot, and these 2 shots were just for fun but tell me which one you like better.
It both of these I made Glens face look dirty and old, that not what he actually looks like... especially the second one
This one is pretty cool.. Passed out Glen
Okay now Check the second.. No hope

Monday, October 13, 2008

If p than q, If not q than r. Therefore Critical thinkings quizes belong in hell

OH man that title explains partly how gay my quiz was tonight... OMG it was so gay! BTW that class average was 70%. (I dont actually use the AIM chat things like OMG, BTW and ROFL in a serious way... I think its funny) Besides the gay quiz I had tonight today was pretty fricken sweet!
This whole weekend was lacking on the whole sleeping side, and going to bed late on sunday and waking up for class did not mix well with it. I went to class and totally did not pay attention at all... Except during the critique! Okay so I have this teacher Tim, and he is a big jerk most of the time.. When he goes through the critique he pretty much just tells us on how sucky photographers we are without really telling us anything that might be of any help. And to Tim it is against the Law to say anything positive about any of our photos.... TODAY HE COMPLIMENTED MY PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I KNOW RIGHT?! I know you guys are like "big deal Chris." You should have seen my fellow students faces after he actually said i did a good job... There were many jaws broken from hitting the floor so fast. But seriously they totally understand what im talking about.
Other than that Class was boring as usual and I almost fell asleep a couple of times.

I was actually just waiting for class to get done with, you know why?! Cause I had lunch with Carla SheeHAN! It was her idea from the night before, and we went to Pei Wei... I think thats right. It is owned by PF Changs i guess, And i had this very delicious chicken thing. Anyway, the time with Carla was awesome, we talked about a lot.. well actually kind of, it took us a long time to get through talking about our weekends and what we did. We kept on getting on little tangents that lead us away from finishing our stories... The phrase of the Lunch conversation was " OKay Back to Saturday..." it was rather comical if I do say so myself. But it was a great time!
Than I called up Roetman and we talked for a bit while I was stuck in traffic on 169.. I guess a car started on fire, I saw the car and it was absolutely destroyed, I would have ROFLed about it but I was pissed i was stuck there for like 30mins.
When I got home I took a Glorious nap! Took some Ridalin, spent some time in the word(which was really good) than hit the books and started homework.. so thats the day fellas!

Picture of the day?... Well lets see here... what do I got.
Ahh yes.. well I do not really consider this good photography, but I wanted to show you something. There is some really cool graffiti right under the bridge at Nine Mile and I wanted to show you..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not that much sleep..

My brother Nathan Knox has informed me that my writing on this Blog is sometimes is not grammatically correct .... I KNOW, I do not care... I am sorry if I lack good Grammar skills, but frankly I Do not give a crap.. sorry BOBO!!
Anyways, Last night was the best day of the fall, so far no doubt! Well it all started out with it being a very very busy day you can read about it in the previous post. I was really wondering what i was going to do with my Saturday night. It was between going to my sisters and watching Iron Man with Nate and Beth, or going to Nick Lenard's house for a bonfire. So I decided I would be going to Nick's at 7:30 and so I waited. As you know it rained last night so the Bonfire was can canceled , so the plans switched to something going on at the guys apartment later on.. so it was like 815 when I heard that people where going there. I arrived at their place around like 840 and right when I opened the door I received a text from Micah Darling. Micah informed me that there was a group of people from the Rock cross walking that night and they were down one guy and they could use me.... I thought about it for a bit, and even asked some people if i should go or not, because I would feel bad if I left if I just got there... I was very hesitant for that reason but also because I didn't really know the Rock people too well, besides Micah, and Micah wasn't even joining that night. So long story short I decided to drive down there..
For all those who don't know, Crosswalking is a thing that the Rock started and what happens is a group of people, lets say like 8 people, carry a 12 foot cross(only 2 to 3 guys actually carry the cross) down the U of M campus even going up and Down frat row with the goal to talk to people about Christ. It is a great evangelism tool, because people come up to you and ask about it without you forcing on any conversation.

So thats what we did Saturday night! It was an amazing night! We got to talk to so many people about our faith, and we had some very fruitful conversations. Its just great to see some people's reactions of us carrying the cross up and down the sidewalks. That night was very good for me personally because I myself got to talk to at least 7 people about my faith and why I put my hope in Jesus Christ, it really helped to strengthen my faith. And seriously there is nothin better than the joy/satisfaction that comes from spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and really Standing up for your faith. And this is just a short version, if you want to hear more just ask me next time you see me.
The night was also a great night because I really got to know some of the Rock guys a lot better... They are good people let me tell you!! I
I think that is it for me tonight.
Picture of the day? what do I have for you....
Ahh yes.. I took this the other day, I really Like this photo for some reason. I didn't really know how to make this look any better... so tell me what you think.. YEAH DREW

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm Not really sure...

Well this day was a great day, but i am feeling really down? no not down.... actually I am feeling more content right now, but Just like an hour to like 15 minutes ago, I was letting some really stupid thoughts and just little dumb worries get into my head that I really don't need.. I don't like when that happens at all! I want to put my Joy in the Lord and no one else/nothing else. I actually am feeling much better just by typing this and letting my thoughts just flow out.
Here are some verses that helped me out tonight: Psalm 26:2 "Put me on trial, Lord, and cross-examine me. Test my motives and affections." I really do love that verse. What am I replacing God with? What am I putting before him? What is the thing I am getting to emotionally attached too? It is really easy to answer these questions. You want to know how you can tell? When those things do not go the way you want them too. Its when you get depressed because it isn't going well. It could be a relationship, a work related thing, or just a certain circumstance. And that happened to me very abruptly and awkwardly tonight. It was stupid and I did not appreciate it one bit that it affected me so weirdly. (There is also some stuff I have wanted to say to person, but I do not think its the time, or my place to say the things i want, because it probably a lot from my flesh that just wants to say it... but in a way i think i might be right about it).. All this stuff was a sign that I needed to get into the Word and lean on God, and give it up to him. And I feel much much better that i did.
OH yeah, I got to play some Basketball today! Totally Balled it up! I was really rusty though... it was really ugly, but it was still really fun, Thanks Ben Peters
Well I have had some great photo shoots this past week and i am really excited to start editing some of them. But here is one I took Wednesday?... yeah Wednesday .. Tell me what you think.. oh yeah and I found out you can click on the images to enlarge them.. so do that!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday turns out pretty sweet!

You know usually I do not expect too much from Thursdays cause its like that one day you just want to get over with so its friday... but this one was sweet! well actually just the night was... but still!
I dont really want to tell you all the details.... wake up, homework, class.. but Than I had a photo shoot which was awesome! Good job Jaime, good hustle. Than i Got some Jamba Juice...
Ahhh Jamba Juice.... I still feel a little Gay every time I walk in there alone... to get a smoothie, Is that wierd?! Every girl that reads this will probably be like , " OMG Chris it isnt Gay!!" But still its still unsettling. I am getting more and more used to it, but still...all the bright colors, fruity drinks... I dont know whatever.
Any way tonight was pretty dang sweet Hung out with Fricka Rica for the first time in a hhwhile ... a HhhWHILE! ... oh yeah fricka rica = Erica .. HA! sorry... But anyways it was a good ol classic hang out time, and we went to the Sister's house and chilled it was FUN!!! Oh and we also called Matt johnson on speaker phone which was sweet! I also want to give Matt a shout out because I hear he reads this thing So thanks for reading MJ! oh and one more thing... Ben tipler Is a hot, funny man.. just a little side note.
I am planning on going to the Rock tomorrow and I am really excited for that, because i havent been there in over a year... its been a while, I also get to see Micah Darling which i am very excited for. So yeah thats about it
I am feeling really ADD right now and I am in the mist of watching south park so if this is short and kind of Random I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

Pic of the day anyone?!? Sorry I dont have one.. because i am working on one ... I will post it later..sorry!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ahhhh Wednesdays!

Yesterday was pretty good cause I didn't have class so that was cool. Tuesday night was really sweet, I went running at like 10pm in the Fog! I have to admit it was kind of scary cause it was the exact kind of fog from scary movies, but it was still really cool. It was one of those really good runs when you have more energy than normal. When I got done with the Run, I went downstairs turned on the radio and tried to do a lot of new dance moves.....YEAH THATS RIGHT WHAT?! I like to dance and its a good workout got a problem? I have to say I am getting pretty good at hand stands..I know your jealous

Oh man Do I love Wednesdays.. Like I really do. You know why?! I have no classes and I can just sit down and get tons of crap done! Its funny, even though I have no classes, Wednesdays are my most productive days. I always get done with a lot of photo stuff.
The reason I love Wednesdays the most though is because it is Youth Group night! And let me just tell you, I love being a youth group leader. The guys in youth group are awesome. I am a little more excited for tonight cause it is the first night of small groups! And I am really excited for my group, the guys in my group are fricken tight! Alec, Joel, and Andy... seriously its gonna be sweet. I am really looking forward to see how God wants to use this year in the youth group I think its gonna be a great year. Anyways that's all i really got for today... OH yeah one more Thing I would like to give Ben Peters a shout out! I told me he was a faithful reader of my blog... I was honored, just don't disappoint me this Saturday Benny Ben!

Okay its time for the pic of the day... what should I use?
Well I am sorry but I think I am going to use an old picture again from B WATERS..
I want to post this one cause i just ordered a 16x24 of this so here it is...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lazy Monday

Oh Snap, I am really tired and just kinda out of energy today, feeling really lazy! I kind of just had a burst of energy because I just edited up a sweet pic for this post...
As i said I am really Lazy so i don't want to write about what i did yesterday or today so I am not really sure what I want to write about. One thing that I have been thinking about though is my Pop's message on Sunday. If you are not aware my Father Brent Knox is a pastor so that would make me a PK! I am proud to be one. Anyways he has been doing a series called Mythbusters, bases off the TV show, and he has been breaking/Testing a lot of the spiritual "Myths" that are out there according to what the Bible says. Myths like: Christians Shouldn't Judge, God is a Republican, and God wants us to be Rich! And it has been pretty good, but this Sunday was one of those BAM!! Messages that really hits you... well for me at least.
The title of the Message was God wants us to be Rich, and the whole myth thing was that he was busting was that, God doesn't want us to be Rich or even necessarily poor He just want us to be content where we are at. Cause as people we have a lot of "If Onlys". " If only I had that Job", "If only I was better looking" " If only I had a Girl friend", " If only I could get the new Canon 5D..FOR FREE" haha You guys know where Im going. We all have those "If Onlys"
My "If Only" wasn't really too obvious to me till this sunday. "If only I had a girlfriend." Yeah It might sound desperate, but its not like I am desperate or like lonely or anything. In the Back of mind I did really think that having a girlfriend, that great girl, would clear up some things and I would be truly Content. And I really am trying to clear that out of my mind and really be content with my relationship with God and where my life is at right now. I want to be content with My relationship with God, and not try to fill that hole with something else... thats it thanks..

Well thats all i got, but I am excited for the photo of the day..
I had a photo shoot with Jayne today and Hudak was our subject, and this is one of the images I took... Whadya Think?!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Starts off rough....

Well guys I got to say.. I was very disappointed with this day, well actually just this morning. I woke up in a very giddy/excited mood today cause I was very pumped for practicing with the Bethany basketball team. I got all ready, I got my shoes,gym shorts, had quick Vegy drink, and even did a little stretching. (which was stupid cause I had to drive to get there) So i get in my car get pumped up with some and arrive at bethany.... there is only one car there... "Okay Chris its okay maybe they all had their moms drop them off" I walk up to the doors and they are locked...
"Hey Maybe it starts at 10:15 not at ten!" I get back in my car and wait it out... still no one. "OH COME ON!!...Wait maybe its at Bethany fellowship for some strange reason!" I get into the car and drive to Bethany fellowship and there are no cars at the Gym... " GAY!!! maybe there are people at the Bethany gym now!" So i drive back... still no one.."Screw it" I drove home...very disappointed
The afternoon was pretty good tho, I got a whole bunch of work done and Had lunch with the POPS...
The highlight was Matt Dyb's B day party, Cause i got to BALL IT UP!....Kind of.. We only played one game.. and I did just awful. My ADD really wanted to make itself known. I wasn't paying attention at all! My guy was open and made a whole bunch of outside shots.. OH one more thing.. I didn't score.. at all.
Although I sucked in B ball.. I did get to dance... a lot.. And little Sydney Richardson kept on trying to show me these Gymnastic hand stands, and I could do most of them, except this Back thing... it hurt fricken bad..
So moral of the story.. day= good! ROFL LOL!!

OMG BTW I have trouble choosing which picture to use for the pic of the day cause all i really have is Portraiture to show.. so I will just choose a random old one here...
I chose this one cause i am really calm and comfortable right now...
Tell me what you think..

Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh what a Day!

Good Day... Today I woke up Late and realized that I forgot about my 6am accountability group at the Bou, and kinda felt bad haha. And i really wanted to feel comfortable when i went to class so i wore the same thing i wore yesterday, and it was a really good choice.
Yeah good day, Like right now I am in such a good mood! I am excited about of a lot of things and I am really looking forward to this weekend. You want to know why?!
Well tonight I am playing bass at church, which i always love to do, but tonight I really love my set of worship songs... and also I am playing bass with a good drummer tonight, which is always good! Wednesday night I played bass for the Youth Group worship band, and I got to say those guys have come a long way CONGRATS!! Alec Weber is a solid drummer! But seriously Alec is better than some of the drummers I play with for the main services, but he is no Chris Camillo... Camillo is awesome. I hate playing with drummers that are not solid at all. It is very hard for me to do my job and makes it not fun for me..okay enough ranting
Another reason I am excited for this weekend is I plan to practice with the Bethany basketball team tomorrow. This is a big thing for me cause i have wanted to "Ball it up" for a while here and have not had the chance to since summer. I really want to see if I can dunk too. I have not tried to dunk for a while so I am kinda excited.
Also Tomorrow, I might be heading up to the U to join the Rock kids for Crosswalking.. For those who don't know what cross walking is, A group of people lets say 10 people get this Big wooden cross I think its like 12 feet long or longer, and we carry it down Frat row on the U campus.. Its very powerful and I guess they get into some great convos, and quite a few people have come to Christ while doing it.. So that's something I am really excited for. I have only done it once.

Well that's all I have, I have to go get ready for church here soon so I will leave you with the pic of the day.. I have been feeling very disappointed lately cause i haven't taken any nature or any non portraiture photographs for a while.. I need to take more. But here is another version of my first post. Her name is Laura Torgerson ( happy Sarah?).. Tell me what you think!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feeling Funny

Oh today, What a weird mood I am in. I have not decided when I want to update this, cause i was planning on doing it at nights when the day is over so i can really give thought to the whole day. I have the time now so I will just do it now.
Anyway, I will start this post off with something comical. I woke up today and luckily it was sunny cause I finished an assignment outside today with my pops. So when we were done with the assignment I realized i was really hungry. Each day I start the day off with a bowl of cereal cause I love cereal! I love it...but today I looked at my cereal choices, and I had a feeling if I would have had any of the great selections like Honey Bunches of Oats, Special K with berries, or Wheaties I would have left my breakfast table not feeling content and very dissatisfied. I took about 2 to 3 minutes to figure out how to solve this problem of mine........................EGGS!!! I got all excited when i thought of making scrambled eggs. I got all the crap ready and than i saw cheese... CHEESY EGGS!! I got even more excited. I did everything correctly like putting milk in the bowl where i had the eggs, and stirred it really good, put the stove on high, and began the COOKAGE... Im not sure what i did wrong, but I think I flipped them too much.... they werent really juicy or like soggy, but I had to eat my eggs with a Spoon cause they were like crumbs, and they werent even that good.. So thats my egg story... Do you feel Like you have wasted minutes of your life reading this?!? GOOD!

So any way back to a serious note... Its funny how fast we as people can get so anxious/ Jealous so fast, even when you are feeling really good. Whenever I feel this way, its always a good reminder to me that I need to examine where my heart is, and where it needs to be. It is also a good sign that I need to go get into the word, or lift up somethings to God so I dont have to worry about them. I just love how talking to God and spending time with him can take that pressure on your chest or that certain burden right off of you. And you guys know what I mean by "pressure on your chest".... Mine is usually caused by jealousy/ being very anxious about things, and usually its about stupid things. Its just great we can give that stuff up too God, or just confess that we havent been trusting in him. Its such a waste of time and energy to be jealous and anxious...GEEEZE.

I plan to get some fall shots here soon, so be looking forward to those
Here is the pic of the day.. Tell me what you think

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

THE Beginning!

So I thought it might be fun to start up one of these again. I will be sharing my feelings, my deepest darkest secrets and maybe a few funny stories like when I pissed on my camp counselor! OMG!!
Okay i may do only a select few of those but hey!
One thing I would like to do is post some of my pictures and little artsy things i have made and things I am working on. I would really appreciate feedback and critique if you have any.
I do not really have anything to write about but I will start off with the first picture post, I made this yesterday while getting some work done, What do you think?!

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