Friday, December 26, 2008


Oh EM G!! Only a few hours till the total PWNAGE!!! But seriously I kinda hope that God doesn't hold back on what he wants to speak to me about. I want a total overflow. Almost kinda scared though that He will show me something that I will not like at all!

Anyways, I had a great night! Like it was unsettling almost how fun it was... Making snowmen on Dredscott baseball fields, snow ball fights, and watching some snowboarders break their faces!.. Good times, lookin forward to more of those. And I love Ryan Roetman! He gets a shout out!

Im not sure what i want to write about actually, What should I write about? Ahhhhh yes Christmas I can write about that! So how was it? Well, actually every Christmas always gets so stressing and so just AHHH!!! And each Christmas I always feel exhausted and just like my spirit is GONE! The family gets crazier than normal, and the relatives get mixed in and it gets crazy! The way it is at our home is that all the festivities happen on Christmas Eve, and than everyone leaves Christmas day, its how we role. So all the stress is done Christmas day and we pretty much do nothing, which is Fantastic! But every year our family gets tested with patience and how loving we are. And we usually all have to talk about it Christmas day which is always awkward but ends on a good note. We all just kinda become friends again and all the stress is gone!
Sometimes we even think about not having christmas cause its so stressing, But I came to a realization....
I think I love Christmas because of all of this. 1. Its a growing experience and we always learn somethin.
2. It makes me lean on the Word so I am not so pissed all the time.
3. It makes hangin out with friends even more necessary..HA!....
4. Me and my mom always get in huge TIFFS but they get solved and we learn to love eachother again! .. LOVE YOU MOMMY
5. My dad and I always seem to be extra tight!

But you know why I Like Christmas the most?
6. MY BOBO!! Nate! Nate and I always become big buddies. Its fun cause we team up with eachother cause we are usually both very annoyed with our situations. We share a room too during Christmas, which didnt seem that cool until I had to sleep in my own bed. And Nate this is to you personally... Even though the mall sucked, Lets make that our tradition.. K? That would be awesome.
But yeah all those things make my Christmas awesome.. And the funny thing is I only realize that after its all done.. Not during.. HA! whatev

Pic of the day? Lets see what I got.. I really need to take some Artsy pics of nature and crap.. I haven't done that in a while
Ahhhhhh here we go.. FUN ONE!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I will get better...

I know I have recently sucked at this whole "Updating my blog" thing... And for that I am sorry!
One more thing before I begin, I am currently watching Across the Universe right now, So this post will take me a long time and will probably be very ADD.... So yeah..

Anyways, So I guess I am 20... How weird is that?! This is the one birthday that I have actually felt significantly older! Many people I have talked to have said that 20 is such a pointless birthday... I DISAGREE STRONGLY! I have talked to many people about this already but 20 is like a whole new step! I am an actual adult now... none of this 19 crap.. I am 20! People will now take me seriously.
Then- " Oh how old are you Chris? 19 huh? Get outa here you CHILD!"
Now- " Oh how old are you Chris? Oh 20 huh? You know what? Here Have a beer! I know your not 21 yet, but close enough! Now lets go talk about the economy and you buying a house!"

.... okay Maybe that is a little exaggerated but still!!!
Ben Tipler even said himself.." Now I can take you seriously!"
Yes he was joking, but I feel like that is the mentality of most people.

What else is new in my life? Well nothing much really except that the Grandparents are in town.... So that's cool! OH and Faithwalkers is just a few days away!!!!! OMG FAITHWALKERS!
As you can tell i am really excited for faithwalkers this year. I really am excited to see the Rock people, cause oddly enough I miss those kids!
But yeah Faithwalkers is going to be...OH yes.. FRICKEN KICKEN! Faithwalkers is a huge church retreat that my church has. You get too see a lot of people from all our locations and you learn a lot, The worship is amazing, and its just all around a great time! Cant wait...
now hopefully i dont have too high expectaions.. haha WHO cares..
I know this is a shorted one than usual but I will update sooner than last time...
Pic of the day?.. let me see what I got!
Franko..I was experimating with custom borders.. this is the result

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally! Wasnt plannin on that...

Wow I am really sorry for going longer and longer without having a post! I have been busy with school stuff, church stuff, work stuff and D all of the above! But hey I am sorry and I will try to do better!....

Well I do not really have anything too cool to write about.. Today was very uneventful.. Like very uneventful. I had class, than came home chilled for a bit, read a little, than Worked on a paper, had dinner with the Family, went to lifetime than watched Reign Over Me.. Good movie I recommend it!.. Not amazing but still good! YOU KNOW WHAT MOVIE I DONT RECOMMEND!?!?
I AM SAM!!! Good gosh that is the saddest movie i have ever seen!! Dont get me wrong it is a fricken good movie, but its so hard to watch! OMG Like i wish i could really convey to you how sad and depressed this movie made me! Let me restate though... it was still a great movie and the more I think about it the less sad it makes me... BUT STILL!

Anyways time for the personal part of the Blog...
Well, right now im listening the CD Saviour King by Hillsong and trying to get my head straight.. But anyways I think I am going through more than I thought I was... I just feel like a lot of stuff is piling on right now and I am not sure why. I think one of the biggest things right now that is bothering me right now is my Brother Caleb... I know he will prolly read this but I dont really care right now. I love Caleb, A lot. He is my brother and I havent seen him in... Well i dont know, I havent talked to him face to face for like 3 or 4 months... or longer I dont know really. I use to look up to Caleb with so many things. He was always confident and he was always good at everything. He is my older brother I mean what younger brother doesnt look up to his Oldest brother? I mean come on??
I use to look up to him because he was so strong in his faith... I remember seeing him with Eric Rose at our Church Winter Retreats worshiping God with great enthusiasm! Even Today I think about his example when I am worshiping God. He was such a Good leader.. So many people looked up to Caleb and respected him. The past month I have talked to 3 people that Caleb influenced too have a stronger relationship with God. One of those people Caleb was involved in bringing that person to Christ. He led small groups and really tried to help strengthen so many peoples Faith. I looked up him with finding a great wife! A great Wife! (Love you Jess!) I was thinkin about maybe trying to modeling my life after his...(not everything but certain things) He is my older brother and I use to look up to him......Not anymore
How can you say that was all fake? What happened?! So it was all a lie?! Your life was a lie and you had to Leave your wife and God Lying? I use to Listen to your advice, I use to admire you.. No more, thats all out the Window. Caleb was one of my biggest inspirations... I actually remember writing that in class in 8th grade. I remember the Warm feelings I had toward you.. Yeah I dont really know where those went.
He probably thinks that I am most mad about him Leaving Jess... You guys have both moved on. Yes, you are a coward for leaving her like that, You ARE NOT a Knight in Shiny Armor. . Its the fact that you dont care about your Lord and Saviour anymore. I have never felt so much love or comfort from anyone else than Him. Yeah I know what he is saying to himself right now.. "your God is not my God" Or like something about how are family is not "forgiving" him. He knows why we are doing this..HE KNOWS.. He just refuses to accept it.
He used to be the influence, He use to be the role-model, He use to be my older brother... Now he feels like a distant friend.
I dont know if its the competive spirit in me or what.. and this might sound proud or bad.. but... I want to be better than He was, and Is.. I dont want my life and Faith to be fake or Weak! I want to be stronger than he was. I dont want to fall into the things he did. I want to be honest. I want to be trustworthy. I want to be a better man than He is. In the end I want him too Look up to me. I want my Life and my Faith to be an Influence too him! I want to be his role model.
You think you know better than me and that Life will eventually catch up to me and I will see how it really is. You think this is just a stage. You think my passion and my convictions will fade... I pray to God that they wont!

I want to thank you Caleb for making me stronger. I want to thank you more showing me what I should never be. I want to thank you for giving me your example.

I did not plan to write this much about this... but it just Flowed out.. I was going to have a picture of the day... but thats not happenin..

I love you bro!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am He is, You are He is, You are Me, And We are all Together!!

The Title Goes along with the song I am listening to.. I Am The Walrus! Of course its not the Beatles original, its the Across the Universe one... which reminds me, I really need to see that movie again

Don't you just love the relaxed feeling after a great workout?!....No? Well I do... I thought you would have answered yes, Whatever man, agree to disagree. As some of you know, a month ago I purchased a membership at Lifetime, and that has been such a great decision in my life. I have developed a routine with my workout. It goes like this: Workout= Pull or Push or Leg or anything else I feel like that day. Than I do some type of Ab workout every time once I am done with the normal workout. Than I go to Swimming, cause I fricken Hate Treadmills. Than the Steam room and end with a shower!...
Seriously, when I leave that place I feel so GREAT!!
But you know what? Today... The steam room was OUT OF ORDER.. Gays, I had to substitute it with the hot tub... NOT as good, but it was still a great day for working out though.

Well onto the good stuff! How have you guys been Doing?! ....... Oh I am sorry to hear that.... Oh me? Well I have been Doing actually Really, Really, Good! This past Thanksgiving Week has been one of the better weeks of my school year so far... maybe even better than part of my summer even. It wasn't particularly more fun than other weeks, but It was such a relaxing week and I haven't been in a better place with my relationship with God than this week! It has been..... OH YES... FRICKEN KICKEN. Thanksgiving is a time to think about what your thankful for, and I came up with 2 things that I have been very thankful over this past year. They are my church Evergreen Community Church (, and all the churches that are a part of GCM( Great Commission Ministries.. and the second thing is The Word, or the Bible haha.
But Seriously I love my Church. It feels more like family to me, than just a church. I think that each church should feel like family than just something you go too. I also Love our Mission! Back in the earlier days of our Church, we could have been one of those Huge Churches like Grace Church or..... right now thats the only one I can think of haha.. But We could have been one of those Mega Churches, but we decided to take a different path. My Church is committed to spreading the Gospel and the Good News and I love that! Instead of becoming a Mega Church, the pastors decided to spread out all around the Twin Cities and Now we have 5 locations in these places Bloomington, Lakeville, New Hope, Saint Paul, and in Uptown.
I am Not saying I have anything against against Mega churches... But I'm just not sure how personal those churches are and not sure that those churches really capture the sense of being a family of believers... but enough about my church.. if you want to know more go to the websites, or ask me..

The other thing that I have been thankful for more this year than ever is the Word of God. Family and Friends can be there to support you and comfort you only to a point.. But the Comfort and Joy that I have been getting from the Word has been just amazing.. seriously There is no word that can describe it... as corny as that sounds Its true. ( and Of course While I am typing this, Amazed by Desperation Band randomly come on.. Love this song)

Last night was particularly amazing... It was one of those Epic moments that God opens up your heart and really speaks to you and you have one of those CRAZY revelations. It was great! I wish I could tell you the full story and everything that went down, But its kind of personal and It would be a lot to type! If you are interested Please ask me about it!
As I said before I am currently reading Isaiah and it has been great..
But for some reason last night around like 130am I was drawn to read Isaiah 30.. and here is what stood out to me
Isaiah 30: 18-21
18 So the Lord must wait for you to come to him
so he can show you his love and compassion.
For the Lord is a faithful God.
Blessed are those who wait for his help. 19 O people of Zion, who live in Jerusalem,
you will weep no more.
He will be gracious if you ask for help.
He will surely respond to the sound of your cries.
20 Though the Lord gave you adversity for food
and suffering for drink,
he will still be with you to teach you.
You will see your teacher with your own eyes.
21 Your own ears will hear him.
Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left.

AHHHH its just so Good... The Word help has stood out to me in a new way... that part of what happened if your interested, ask me about it sometime..

Any way Pic of the day! BOBO!!

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