Thursday, January 22, 2009

So thursdays...

Good Or Bad?

You know I have not decided yet...  If you didn't know thursdays are going to be my longest days out of the week this semester cause I have 3 classes. Not to many I know, but I have a 3 hour break in between classes to do whatever I want.. except go home. So I have to waste 3 hours in or somewhere close around the school. This ,for some reason, seemed to be a daunting task for me, but its not as bad as I thought. I have sort of changed my mindset from "wasting" time to actually doing something of value, like studying or something ridiculous like that! HA! 
But seriously I feel like these 3 hours could be used very wisely without just messing around and doing pretty much nothing.
One thing I definitely want to do every thursday during my break will be to update this thing.. So yes, for my dedicated readers out there you will be happy to know that every thursday there will be a new Blog Post by yours truly...Cute huh?
Another thing that I will be doing during my break is getting into the Word...The Bible, Good Book, you know that really cool book that changes peoples lives?...yeah that one! Its not like this is a new thing, but I will have 3 hours to just sit down at study and read the Word which will be sweet. I also have never read my Bible in a public place before, which sounds weird but I havent.. So I am kind of looking forward to see if that will open up any interesting conversations if anyone notices.
With this break I will also study my books for my Classes.... YUP thats right.. Chris is going to become a good student now! How bout that?! Yeah its not a revolutionary thing but I seriously hardly ever do that unless there is a quiz or a test on the materials. This semester of School is going to be extremely vital for my business. My photography classes have always been pretty helpful, but these new ones I am taking are going to really challenge me and pretty much make me get my Crap together. I have a lot of work to do with my business and a lot of things to think through on where to take it. So it will be a very good semester for me.

As cheesy and as cliche as it sounds.. I feel like this semester has a chance to be an entirely new chapter of my life.. Yes I totally said it, let me explain.
As I said this semester is going to be extremely vital for my business, but if I dont man up and do the things that I need to do.. they will just be classes and I will have wasted  this semester. My photography business is very small right now, but it has potential for "AGGRESSIVE EXPANSION"..(whoever gets what thats from gets a shout out..Nate Knox cant guess). But seriously if I dont do the things that are needed for my business this semester leading into this summer.. I would be shooting myself is the FACE! to put it lightly...
Also, I feel like this is going to be a big summer for my church. The college group is turning into an amazing thing, we started small, but we are definitely growing and I LOVE IT... Great group of people, I LOVE THEM. Youth Group is also growing big time, and I love being a leader in it. I have some great Ideas for both  and I cant wait to bring them up to some peeps and see what people think. I LOVE MY CHURCH.
I do feel like I have a lot of growing to do over this coming year. There are many flaws that I see in myself right now that I know I have to change soon..... But seriously really exciting year coming up.. I Feel like something big is going to happen.. and all this has nothing to do with our New president.. just to get that clear!

one more thing.. I don't know how often I will have a Picture of the Week up... but Hey I will keep you posted!


myblackheels said...

well regadless of how your business goes...i still want you to be my photographer at my wedding and take pics of my many babies and maybe even some corny family photos. just giving you a heads up!

L Tips said...

"Aggressive Expansion"
All I can think of is The Dark Knight.
Am I right?


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