Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dang ADD...

I am really not sure how to start this off because I am so fricken tired... but here goes nothin.... I have a feeling this is going to be a short one.. pretty tired

If you didn't read my blog last week, I have made a commitment to update this thing every Thursday because I really have nothing better to do. I could go study some of my photography books or just other generals I am taking... But come on, do you actually think I would do that?! Ha GOOD ONE! Especially not today anyways...I will explain
You might be wondering whats with the Title... If you know anything about me or my personal study habits you would know I have ADD. Sometimes I think ADD is just a lame excuse for lack of self control, and I would have to admit, sometimes it is. But than their are times where I am positive I have it. If you really know me and hang out with me, you would agree.... strongly!
Today I forgot to take my Ridalin, NOT good. Last week I took it and i was crazy productive and I read a whole bunch and I was like "YES get owned 21st Century Ethical Toolbox!!!
Today.... Not so much, I have been trying to read my books and I cant even start hardly. I blame it on not taking my pills, but also being dead tired... But anyway I think you get the point. I am getting nothin done this Thursday and it disappoints me...

Anyway, (The word Anyway(s) is going to be used many times in my blog...if you havent noticed already) Like I have been emphasizing over the last couple of blogs, this Semester is going to be crazy busy for me, Which is awesome! Usually this is a bad thing for most people but not for me, because I think it will be a good challenge for me
Here is what I got going just to let you know.. just like I promised to you
1. School- 5 classes- 2 classes with studio time not included
2. Youth Group Leader- Doesnt really take up any other day than Wednesday. But Throughout the week I like to think about what I might want to go through with the guys.
3. Weekend Band at church- Takes up Friday Night, and Sunday 8 till like 1.. but also include time for practicing songs throughout the week.
4. Youth Band- They do not have a current bass player, so I am filling in till they can train one in..MITCH DYBING...cough cough..
5. New Band-Danny, Kwesi, Steve and I are starting to Jam together and are starting to spit out songs.. We have some really cool Ideas with it and I am really excited to see what God has with it.
6.My photography business- Like I said last blog, I have a lot of stuff to do and I am slowly but surely getting stuff done. Talkin to Ben Tip on monday about website stuff so that will be sweet!
7. Studio time for Assignments- I dont include this into school cause assignments take about 3 to 4 hours. But its fun.
8. and than Church.. I love my Church...

So I guess its not as much as I thought, but its time consuming.
So yeah this semester is going to be awesome and I am looking forward to it.. And I also will be taking my Ridalin Like every day! its going to be sweet!

OH YEAH! I almost forgot.. Lisa Tipler Gets a shout out for answering the question I had last week! LISA... We go way back.. Prayer BUDDIES

For the pic of the day I have a fun one I made for John O'sully. I need to get a zip drive so I can get you guys a pic of the week every week... but here you go!

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The Colonel said...

They're still using Zip Drives at your school? Holy Moley Ravioli Canoli! Zip Drives were almost out of date when I was in school circa early 2000's...

I look forward to chatting with you about your website.


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