Thursday, February 5, 2009

So here's the thing...

I was informed last week that my blog was not up to par with what it should have been, and I totally agree. So I am thinking maybe thursdays are not the best days to update my blog every week. On thursdays I usually am dead tired, and I think that can sometimes reflect with the quality of my blog. I am now rethinking if I should have another day where I do this, so I am more rested and so my blog can be ....oh yes ... FRICKEN KICKEN!
I also dont want to feel forced to update this every thurs
day, because than it becomes a chore, and I dont want that too happen! So anyway this is going to be a short one and I am sorry for that but I feel like I am being rushed... but first quick story..

You know whats one of the most annoying things that can totally ruin my day? Let me inform you. Okay Wednesday nights are usually pretty late nights because I hang out at Applebee's and than I usually get home around 1130... Not too late, but the thing is I have class at 8, and usually I dont make it to bed till like 1230, so I get pretty tired. But what happened today just got me so mad, and it only happens rarely... I 
usually set my alarm clock to 630, so I really enjoy trying to get as much rest as possible. So today I wake up cause I realized i had to pee, and I was like " Wow I am sleeping really good, one more hour and I will be all rested for the day" and So I peed and than came back to bed all excited to sleep. I thought I had at least 45 minutes left to sleep before I woke up. So I lay down, and than  say to myself "Maybe I should check the time just for kicks" ...........Its 6:22... UGHHhhhhghhghhghhhghghghghgh I hate when that happens.. I just let out a huge sigh and than set my alarm for 645 just to try to cheat my way into more sleep... but it didnt work. So now I am really tired wishing that didnt happen this morning... SO GAY.

But yeah next time I update my blog, it will be better.. so sorry if has been lacking its usual CHARM

Anyways I got a pic of the day FINALLY!... check it out.. I had a cool assignment yesterday and Shelby helped me with it... tell me what you think

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