Thursday, February 12, 2009

Really Rough start....

Oh snap I am not feeling too well right now, the taco bell I had isnt sitting well....

So ANYWAY.... I was very worried about how this day was going to end up because I had a really rough start. I will tell you why..
So Last night was just like any other Wednesday night going to the Bee's and hangin out with everyone, but this time we stayed a little later because some cool people came by like right as we were about to leave. I am totally cool with that but I did get home around 1130 and that wasn't cool cause I had some homework to do. It wasn't a lot of homework but lets just say I wasn't very concentrated last night... Like seriously I couldn't sit still, and I was having way to much fun with other things like talking to people and NOT doing my homework... Okay so long story short, I went to bed at 230 am... I have to wake up at 645 on Thursdays... you do the math!
As I wake up just regretting myself going to bed so late, I realize I slept a little later, so now i am in a slight rush. I hate being in rushes! One of my biggest pet peaves cause I feel like something bad always happens when I am in a Rush... I will continue..
But first a side note: My favorite thing on an early morning is my shower. And I dont know if your like me but on some mornings I have "the Shampoo Debate". Its the moment in your shower time when you have washed your entire body and now its time to wash your hair, but you come to a stand still.... "Do I use this shampoo? Or this one? Oh wait I could use Conditioner!... but no, I think I used that yesterday... or was that the day before that?... hmmm What do I do?" Sometimes my "Shampoo Debates" are so intense that they last several minutes! The weird thing about the "Shampoo Debates" though is that I enjoy them...dont know why but I do!

Okay so anyway back to my day! I could not have my Shower Debate this morning cause i was in a hurry. So I got all my crap together and Got all ready. When I am in a Rush I usually forget stuff so this morning I made sure I didnt! So as I was heading down stairs to head out the door, I look down toward my shoes and I see something just awful! My shoe laces on my right shoe are almost alway undone......ugghhhhhh! I forgot that some girl thought she was being so funny last night at Applebee's by undoing my shoe laces... Luckily I stopped her before undoing the entire shoe, but still it was so annoying to look down at my shoe and see that...When I am in a rush... But actually I wasnt too annoyed cause it did make me giggle.. I didnt fix them till I got to school so it was kind of funny, So in a way It acutally made me slightly Glad..HA!
When I got to school, I realized I wasnt as tired as I thought I would be(wow thats a lot of I's in one sentence).... "hmmm thats nice". As I sat in class being very pleasantly surprised that I got a good grade on my assignment considering the effort put into it, I realized I was tired... VERY Tired. I almost fell asleep at least 3 times in class, and that was being trying to stay awake. " This is my first class! How will I make it through the day?!" DING light bulb!! I have an hour break between my photography classes! I took a nap in the student lounge! OMG OMG OMG OMG It was the best Idea I have had all year! And I am so glad I found out this within the first 3 weeks of school! IT WAS .....I dont think I need to finish it.. but I will .. FRICKEN KICKEN! I awoke at 1053... 7 minutes before my next class started, and I realized I had a huge smile on my face.. I was rested! My friend Jenna let me know I had an indent from my coat on my forehead which i used as a pillow... But I didn't care, I wasn't AS tired and I was... Seriously I think I will do that every Thursday now.

So now onto other things, I kinda had a little testimony/message that Bill wanted me to share.. But the whole night was kind of unorganized and it felt kind of messy... but oh well I said What i said and I guess people thought I did good So yeah. I had like 5-10mins to cram a bunch of crap in so I was all over the place but whatev. Why I am saying this is because I found a verse that kinda goes along with what I was feeling before I started. Dont get me wrong I love speaking, and I really wish I could do it more. It was just the atmosphere that was kind of weird and I felt really rushed but anyway... I found this today during my break, and I love it

Jeremiah 1:6-7
V6. "O Soveriegn Lord" I said, " I can't speak for you! I am too young!
V7. " Don't say that," The Lord replied. " For you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you. (V8) And dont be afraid of the people, for I will be with youand take care of you, I , The Lord, have spoken!

Oh man thats good stuff... Good Obedience verse and a great comfort verse. Do what He is telling you, and dont worry about it He's got your back!

Okay now for the pic of the day! Shelby is up again! OH YEAH and my teacher actually gave me a compliment on my images today! YES! Nicole said she liked mine the best, thanks nicole!!
Tell me what you think..I think I might crop it differently.. but I dont know


myblackheels said...

i really enjoy how you passionately talk about your sleep issues and how much it aggrivates you. haha. maybe you should go to bed on time?

Ryan Leichty said...

I sometimes have debates with my shampoo too, weird? Nice verse! I Haven't read that before?


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