Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Where Do I begin? Like seriously, I have no idea how to explain this week. It has been revolutionary for me and I dont believe that is an exaggeration either.. Nope not at all. This blog is going to be a little more intense than previous ones.

I have realized that there are so many things that I need to change about my life, my habits, and my personality. And the cool thing is that I am actually taking action in it, rather than just talking about it. I have been really selfish in what I want in my life, and not thinking about what God might want with my life. There was kind of a big decision that I made that I was so reluctant to make but I know that God wanted me to do it. I had to make sure it was the right decision so I got into the Word.. and this is what God showed me.
Jeremiah 8: 4-6
4 “Jeremiah, say to the people, ‘This is what the Lord says: “‘When people fall down, don’t they get up again? When they discover they’re on the wrong road, don’t they turn back? 5 Then why do these people stay on their self-destructive path? Why do the people of Jerusalem refuse to turn back? They cling tightly to their lies and will not turn around. 6 I listen to their conversations and don’t hear a word of truth. Is anyone sorry for doing wrong? Does anyone say, “What a terrible thing I have done”? No! All are running down the path of sin as swiftly as a horse galloping into battle!

After Reading this I knew exactly what I needed to do. With making this decision God gave me so much peace and so much comfort that it was exactly what I needed to do. Its all in God's hands. This is such a cliche statement in the Christian world, but its so true, " This life is not my own." That God spoke to me about so much stuff that I am doing wrong in my relationships and how I can be more purposeful, and how I can be more of an impact player in God's Kingdom.
That Night I read this Psalm which was also really good.
Psalm 37
23 The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.

That Thursday night I went to bed at like 10 30, Which is way early. Woke up 530 for accountability group and it started out like any other group time.. But it turned into something so much more. THE CORINTHIAN COVENANT was made! I am not going into the details but its a promise that the Guys and I made to each other and to God that we will stay pure in big aspects of our lives.. No details, but seriously this is a huge thing for all of us! And I know God is already blessing it. And I love those guys so much and I am so thankful for them. Great guys right thur!!

This week has just been great, like seriously it has, and most of it was just in the past 2 days. Stuff is starting to come together!
And oh yeah! I just got a new lens. Canon 70-200 2.8 IS Lens... It is a beautiful thing, but I have not yet been able to use it to its full potential. Eventually I shall! I have a lot of photoshoots coming up that I need to tackle here soon. Which reminds me anybody want some free pet pictures?! Contact me if you do.

Tonight I am kind of being a loser and staying in tonight, but I am kind of happy to be staying in. I am going to work on a bunch of pictures and update a lot of albums cause I have really procrastinated on that for a while

Pic of the day?! YES sir.. let me see what I got.. Oh snap I have 2 pictures of the day!
This one is pretty crazy..

And one a little less crazy.. what do you think?


Ryan Leichty said...

Encouraging words man! And awesome picture with the overlay!

By the way, I've been meaning to ask, but I've been wanting to try out this cool effect with a photo where you combined it with Illustration work. I want to use a good photo though, do you have any that I could use?

Here is an example of what I want to do:

The Colonel said...

you can take pictures of Laila if you want. But if it's supposed to be owners with their pets than you can forget it!

Also, now that I'm about to wrap up doug dybing's site I'll have something for you to look at soon for your site

L Tips said...

Atticus would love his picture taken :) He's VERY photogenic.

Catherine said...



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